Progression Coaching

Developing the Female Talent Pipeline

The challenge of female representation at Board level is well documented. Talking Talent's progression coaching is aimed at significantly improving the female talent pipeline for organizations who have recognized the commercial benefit of retaining and progressing their best female talent. 

The coaching is undertaken on an individual and group basis with the group programs allowing the benefits to reach a wider audience while also building self-sustaining networks amongst high potential populations. As with so much of our coaching the approach also integrates managers as key stakeholders in the process, ensuring that development is robust and sustainable.

Outcomes of Progression Coaching

  • Performance improvement – unlocking  the full potential of identified talent

  • Increased retention and commitment - by engaging key talent sooner rather than later in their careers leading to greater retention and progression

  • Career progression – improving gender diversity at senior levels

  • A stronger peer network – encouraging commercial collaboration across departments as well as personal support

  • Enhanced business performance - an increased performance level from a group of high potential women has clear bottom line impact in current roles and ongoing

Progression coaching is a true coaching program, not a ‘one -fits-all’ training course. This isn’t about telling women what to do, or how to ‘fix’ or adapt, but rather helping them to unlock their strengths and act authentically.

Focus Areas & Approach

We use the following framework to structure the sessions and stimulate coachee thinking. The framework is informed by our research and underpinned by a flexible array of tools, models and exercises which can be used as required. This is the outline structure for the approach, the depth of content for each segment may vary depending on the needs of each individual:

  • Self-awareness -  helping women get clear on their strengths, drivers and passions

  • Creating a vision for the future -  enabling coachees to understand career options, explore career goals, and make active choices about their progression.

  • Making it happen -  helping women to develop the authentic leadership styles, skills, attitudes and habits they need to achieve their career goals

Critical Skills Developed

Our 2012 research and our experience of coaching over 10,000 women has allowed us to establish which skills and behaviours often emerge as ‘multipliers’ – the skills which together enable women to display their authentic leadership style most effectively. Examples include political savvy, networking, presence, personal brand, gravitas, self-belief and confidence.


Our Clients

We partner with Fortune 500 companies across the globe in a variety of industries, including banking, law, pharmaceuticals, consulting, entertainment, and more.

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