Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Women

Talking Talent specializes in working with senior women for one to one Executive Coaching across the US, UK, Europe and Asia.  To achieve success we put in place coaching interventions which are very specific in addressing individual need but also holistic in considering organizational and managerial influences. 

We coach both women and their managers to ensure clarity of direction, support and progression.  We have a team of highly experienced executive coaches all with strong commercial backgrounds and a proven record of working with organizations and individuals to improve the performance of women in business.


Our Approach

One to one coaching is a powerful tool.  It allows individuals to get real clarity around goals and roadblocks, personal strengths and drivers. The non-judgmental approach and the blend of support and challenge creates a safe space where individuals can make significant choices and commit to tangible action.

The executive coaching we undertake is always geared towards improving performance. We seek to develop skill sets, focus on ambitions and improve confidence and self belief.

By drawing on extensive coaching techniques including NLP, emotional intelligence and positive psychology our coaches can provide the framework for the coachee to explore their individual and commercial goals.

The success of the coaching will always depend on the openness, honesty and commitment of those taking part but at its core will be an agenda driven by the objectives and needs of the individual.





Our Clients

We partner with Fortune 500 companies across the globe in a variety of industries, including banking, law, pharmaceuticals, consulting, entertainment, and more.

Case Studies