Manager Coaching


Key Role to Play

Talking Talent’s extensive experience and research indicates that manager behaviour is critical to women’s retention and advancement. In our survey of over 2,500 women of all ages and career stages, “management support” was identified as the paramount way to reduce barriers to career progression.  

We have coached thousands of women through key transitions or as part of executive coaching programmes.  Through this experience, we have seent how the manager’s interaction and communication plays a key role in the woman’s decision to return and longer term loyalty to the organisation. 


Talking Talent’s expert coaches carefully construct a productive learning environment for the managers. We establish upfront why it is worth investing their time and effort in supporting their female talent.  We explore and acknowledge their experience to date. Through scenarios, we encourage them to reflect on their “unconscious biases,” their inherent attitudes and assumptions which may affect how they support a high potential woman in their team or manage a maternity transition. We explore their working practices, offer insights and allow them to develop iapproaches for the way forward. The coaching enables the managers to identify and commit to positive actions. 

Coaching Sessions

Manager coaching is offered in a variety of forms to suit our clients’ requirements:

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching  - recommended for the most senior leaders 
  • Face to Face Group sessions - highly effective for managers wanting to learn from colleagues and explore systemic and bespoke female challenges.
  • Interactive Webinars - allow dispersed managers to address shared challenges and spread best practice

Separately, managers are asked to participate in a 3 way conversation with the coach and the individual client at the start and end of every executive coaching, progression coaching and maternity coaching engagement.  This is first to establish shared purposes and align expectations, then to evaluate and embed the learning






Our Clients

We partner with Fortune 500 companies across the globe in a variety of industries, including banking, law, pharmaceuticals, consulting, entertainment, and more.

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