How flexible should we be?

September 13, 2013 | comments

How flexible should we be?

By optimising their approach to flexible working, recent studies estimate that UK business could enjoy cost reductions and productivity gains of up to £8.1bn. You would therefore hope that the commercial imperative to get it right would be high on the agenda for many? I’m not so sure it is, but I do know that many organisations are investing time and resource into how to make flexible working schemes an effective option for most, if not all, of their employees.

There have been some great success stories already and some of these were shared recently when in July we ran a round table, kindly hosted by PwC. It brought together Talking Talent clients to discuss the challenges faced - performance ratings for flex workers; progression whilst working flexibly – as well as what a perfect future could bring. Colleagues from PwC, Deloitte, SThree, etc brought a refreshing candour and openness to a topic which continues to provoke much thought, sentiment and debate.

We know at first hand that the introduction and refinement of flexible working practices can be a long and arduous affair but the roundtable was a very positive, if realistic, experience and I think everyone left with an encouraging outlook on what could be achieved with the mind set and senior support.

Our booklet, available to download here, gives a high level overview of some of the core themes of the day and a great PwC case study. If you’d like to hear more about the day or some of the work we do in this area please feel free to get in touch.


Chris Parke, CEO of Talking Talent